Four Good Reasons to Purchase New Hair Products in Lincoln, NE from Your Stylist This Year!

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You’re probably not surprised to hear the saying “New year, new you” at the approach of each new year. This can either mean making a resolution for the new year or simply promising yourself a single change that can be accomplished in a short amount of time. For instance, if your hair could use a little pampering to bring back its healthy luster, you may consider searching for different types of hair products that are beneficial to your hair follicles—like the products your stylist applies to your hair at the salon.

Luckily, you can start the new year off right with new hair products in Lincoln, NE from Spectrum Salon Systems! Now you will be able to get the same great results at home.

Here are four good reasons to purchase hair care products from your stylist instead of from the corner store.

Salon products are better for your hair

Good quality professional salon hair products usually only use gentle cleansers, are more concentrated and have ingredients that will produce desired results. On the other hand, using drugstore brands, even those labeled “natural,” for a long time can result in damaged hair. The good news is that a professional hair stylist can begin restoring your hair in the salon and then recommend specific products and brands they use and carry.

Cheaper brands are diluted

If you spend the time and money to get your hair done professionally, why not spend the extra money on top-notch hair salon-grade products for daily care? That giant bottle of store brand shampoo may seem like a good value, but the reality is that most are too diluted to give the results you want. To maximize your hair’s potential, stock up on salon quality products that have higher concentrations of active ingredients. It’s worth spending a little more.

You know what’s in the bottle

Drugstores and retailers that are not licensed hair salons cannot sell salon brand products. If they do, it’s likely because a wholesaler was going out of business or their business practice standards are dishonest. Additionally, you have no idea how long a product has been sitting on a retailer’s shelf. It could be expired, tampered with or have been left unprotected in a hot storage space. Buy from a trustworthy salon and you’ll know what’s in your bottle.

Support your local salon

Like other small businesses, your local hair salon relies on loyal customers for their livelihood. When you get your hair cut and styled and you buy their hair products and salon equipment, you’re supporting a local business you believe in.

At Spectrum Salon Systems, barbers and salon operators can choose from a wide range of quality, professional-grade hair products in Lincoln, NE at wholesale value. Yes, we sell wholesale hair care products at affordable prices! Our knowledgeable staff is available to give expert opinions to all hair care skill levels, so call us this new year to learn more about the hair products we carry, which include a wide variety of natural and organic products!

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